Bologna Local Urban Environment Adaptation Plan for a Resilient City

BLUE AP (Bologna Local Urban Environment Adaptation Plan for a Resilient City) is a LIFE+ project for the implementation of an AdaptationPlan to Climate Change for the Municipality of Bologna, providing for some concrete local measures to test, in order to make the city more resilient and able to meet the climate change challenges.

The BLUE AP planning and testing actions developed in the city of Bologna will lead to the creation of guidelines useful for the definition of similar adaptation plans, that can be adopted by other medium-size Italian cities. Bologna will be the pilot-city that, first in Italy, will face climate changes with the appropriate and creative tools.

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The City of Bologna has for years been involved in several European projects focused on protecting the environment and urban regeneration.

The City, as a joint effort with the project partners: ARPA Emilia-Romagna,  Kyoto Club and Ambiente Italia, will implement a Local Adaptation Plan that will make the city more resilient and prepared to handle the consequences of climate change. This also occurs through the creation of a Local Climate Profile and the involvement of stakeholders and citizens on the territory